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"His Life For Mine" TShirt

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"His Life For Mine" TShirt
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"His life for mine" on cross on a super soft premium crew neck TShirt

The Cross is one of the most significant symbols in Christianity.  The many meanings of the Cross hold many contradictions:  death and life, violence and peace, sin and purity, hate and love, destruction and restoration.  The Cross has been used as the cruelest form of execution, and now it stands as a shining symbol for abundant life. 

The Cross means love.  It is the symbol of Christ’s unconditional love for us.  By giving His life for ours, He demonstrated that love by giving us eternity.  His life for mine (and yours) was given, freely and willingly, by Christ so that we could be cleansed of our sin and able to dwell with Him, through Him, and in Him.

The Cross is personal.  God reached down to us.  Our response to God, and Christ, is to know Him personally, to develop a relationship with Him.  Jesus gave His life so that we could know Him…THAT’S PERSONAL!!

The rainbow is a symbol of God’s mercy and faithfulness.  Genesis 9:12-17 tells us of the rainbow being sent as a sign to Noah, after the great flood.  This sign was sent to remind us of the great Covenant between God and His people…that He would never destroy the Earth again. 

Shirt fabric is made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton.  It is a very breathable material that will not stick to your skin in the heat of the day.  The shirts run true to size, and are designed and printed in the USA.

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